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  1. Hello, Tomorrow!


    Building on the teaching in her bestselling book Commanding Your Morning, Dr. Cindy Trimm shows you how to use the power of vision to radically transform your life for accelerated growth and success.

    Hello, Tomorrow! gives step-by-step practical tools for crafting a vision, as well as life-altering declarations to activate God’s power in your life. Discover how to get from where you are today to where you have the potential to be tomorrow.

    Don’t just see your tomorrow. Provoke it!

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  2. Declare Your Home and Business Blessed MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    Learn divine strategies to bless your home and business!

    In this audio message, Dr. Cindy Trimm reveals keys found in Scripture, uncovers strategies for taking dominion, and makes declarations regarding God's desire to bless your home and business. Learn to live debt free, drama free, and depression free.

    You are destined to excel and succeed! Arise in spiritual authority to declare your home and business blessed!

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    Believe in your own unique identity!

    In this 8-minute spoken-word poem, Dr. Cindy Trimm reaches inside the potential of human existence and paints the picture of limitless possibilities. As you listen, you will be inspired to believe in your own unique identity and boldly express your truest authentic self.

    Every day affords an opportunity to discover, become, and accomplish something new. Give God the glory by allowing His purpose to be fulfilled in your life, and declare--I am!

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  4. The Unconventional Weapon MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    Harness your power to pray in 60 ways!

    Prayer brings all things into alignment with God's will. As you pray in the spirit and with understanding, you will begin to see God's creative power accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. Take authority over every situation through prayer! It is the unconventional weapon God has given you to release His best will for your life.

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    Learn to access your inheritance!

    Just as the daughters of Zelophehad were the recipients of their fathers hereditary holdings, those of us who are in Christ Jesus, whether male of female, or sons or daughters, we are heirs according to “The Promise” given by God to Abraham through faith.

    In this teaching Dr. Trimm uncovers what “The Blessing” really is and how it can be accessed.

    Get ready to receive your full inheritance!

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  6. The Prosperous Soul: Your Journey to a Richer Life


    Start prospering today!

    You were created to experience prosperity on every level—from a rich spiritual and intellectual life, to a richness in your relationships and professional pursuits!

    In this third book of her four book “Soul Series,” Dr. Cindy Trimm makes it clear that the abundant life described by Jesus is available to anyone at any time. It is a matter of choosing to prosper your soul.

    As your soul prospers, every area of your life will follow suit. Why wait?

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  7. 40 Days to a Prosperous Soul: Your Interactive Guide to Living a Richer Life


    Start Living Abundantly in 40 Days!

    This companion devotional to The Prosperous Soul from Dr. Cindy Trimm will lead you on an interactive 40-day journey to choosing abundance in every area of your life.

    Get ready to start activating these 40 principles and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus promised today!

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  8. The Prosperous Soul Study Guide


    Embark on Your Journey to a Richer Life!

    Embark on an interactive journey through this companion study guide to The Prosperous Soul small group or individual DVD study.

    Get the tools and action steps you need to live more abundantly. Jesus came that you would live more abundantly in every area of your life--spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, vocationally, and financially.

    Learn how you can live a richer life by embracing true prosperity today!

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  9. The Prosperous Soul DVD Study and Leader's Guide


    Prosper Your Soul with Dr. Cindy Trimm!

    Follow along with Dr. Trimm as she facilitates a dynamic study of The Prosperous Soul. In this eight-week DVD study, Dr. Trimm will excavate the key practices for living your most prosperous life.

    An easy-to-follow leader's guide is included with this handsomely packaged 2 DVD set.

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  10. Declare Yourself Healed MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    God wants you to live without pain!

    Speaking out declarations from the Word of God, Dr. Trimm prays anointed words over your life activating the power of God for healing in every area.

    You don't have to wait another day, because the power of The Great Physician resides within you! Exercise your faith and declare yourself healed!

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  11. Declare Yourself Blessed MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    God has bestowed a blessing on your life!

    Listen as Dr. Cindy Trimm proclaims the Word of Truth pertaining to God's promise of blessing for every believer. In her declarative style, Dr. Trimm activates prophetic words over your life, releasing the power of God’s blessing to and through you.

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  12. Breakthrough MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    Exercise Your Spiritual Authority!

    God wants to speak to you and work through you by prophetic unction, but you've got to adjust your lifestyle, mindset, and directives to accommodate God's mission. Learn to tune your eyes and ears to hear and see spiritual activity. If you were blessed by Shift: The Next Move of God, you will be doubly blessed by Breakthrough: Exercising Your Spiritual Authority!


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  13. Liberate Your Soul MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    Take back your personal power!

    In this teaching, Dr. Cindy Trimm graciously shows you how to overcome the psychological barriers preventing true mental and emotional health.

    A new day is dawning for you! Take back your personal power and liberate your soul!

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  14. Living Life on Purpose MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    There is a seed of greatness within you!

    Take a walk with Dr. Cindy Trimm along the pathway to discovering your purpose and renewing your hope for prosperity. Learn to break free from negativity, uncertainty, anxiety, and self-doubt.

    In Living Life On Purpose, Dr. Trimm gives you keys to regaining your personal power—keys hidden in understanding your divine purpose.

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  15. Moving With Divnine Timing MP3 - DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT


    In this powerful message, Dr. Cindy Trimm prophetically speaks into the next generation of leaders and visionaries--those who have been faithful in obscurity while refining their gifts and preparing for greatness. Learn how to move in sync with God's divine rythyms of grace.

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