Hello, Tomorrow!

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Building on the teaching in her bestselling book Commanding Your Morning, Dr. Cindy Trimm shows you how to use the power of vision to radically transform your life for accelerated growth and success.

Hello, Tomorrow! gives step-by-step practical tools for crafting a vision, as well as life-altering declarations to activate God’s power in your life. Discover how to get from where you are today to where you have the potential to be tomorrow.

Don’t just see your tomorrow. Provoke it!


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Is your future determined by random coincidence or a predetermined fate? Or can you determine your own destiny?

What is the bridge between what is...and what is possible?

Hello, Tomorrow! offers a blueprint for building the life of your dreams—a practical step-by-step guide that takes you from where you
are today to what is possible tomorrow. And it all begins with learning how to see.

God instructed Abraham to “look as far as you can see in every direction.” He told him He would give him all he was able to see.
He promised that he and his descendants would inherit an expanse of territory determined only by his capacity to see it: “I am giving
all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants as a permanent possession” (Genesis 13:14-15 NLT).

What are you able to see for yourself and your descendants?

Have you considered that the only thing limiting you might be your ability to see? Your lack of vision?

I believe the world is suffering from a pandemic of blindness. As the Bible repeatedly tells us, “They have eyes but do not see”—
and as Helen Keller reminded us, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

The journey to a better tomorrow begins with learning how to see with new eyes—how to see past tomorrow to a better future—and like Abraham,
how to see beyond your lifetime into the generations yet to come.

Hello, Tomorrow! is a practical guide that bridges the gap between what is and what is possible.

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