New Releases

  1. Hello, Tomorrow!


    Building on the teaching in her bestselling book Commanding Your Morning, Dr. Cindy Trimm shows you how to use the power of vision to radically transform your life for accelerated growth and success.

    Hello, Tomorrow! gives step-by-step practical tools for crafting a vision, as well as life-altering declarations to activate God’s power in your life. Discover how to get from where you are today to where you have the potential to be tomorrow.

    Don’t just see your tomorrow. Provoke it!

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  2. History Maker


    In History Maker, Dr. Trimm presents a groundbreaking new message with a prophetic edge. It’s an intelligent and thought-provoking work with a larger-than-religion perspective on the world—beginning and ending with the leadership potential resident within each individual. 

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  3. Prevail: Discover Your Strength in Hard Places


    Change Your Problems Into Possibilities!

    Don’t let life’s detours take you for a ride. 
Get back in the driver’s seat!

    In Prevail, life strategist Dr. Cindy Trimm reveals how you can turn problems into opportunities so no pitfall will throw you off course.

    In the same way that a diamond is brought to beauty through immense stress, your true strength of character, worth, and, value are found by embracing the prospering power inherent in your problems.

    Learn to discover your strength in hard places today.

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  4. PUSH


    Your breakthrough is only a PUSH away!

    Today’s world knows little about perseverance. This is why so few people become innovators, entrepreneurs, and world-changers. Success is bypassed, not due to a lack of opportunity, but because we don’t know how to maximize the opportunities in front of us and PUSH--persevere until success happens through prayer.

    In her encouraging and dynamic style, Dr. Cindy Trimm inspires you to go for it. It is one thing to read about the lives of great achievers—it is another thing to join their ranks.

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  5. The Atomic Power of Prayer


    At last, Dr. Trimm brings you the long-awaited guide to unleashing the Atomic Power of Prayer! In her classic teaching style, this easy to reference “pocket edition” provides not only the keys to transforming your world through prayer, but also the actual prayer that has taken the world by storm!

    Now you can harness the atomic power of prayer at any time wherever you are!

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