New Releases

  1. Daily Devotional - Commanding Your Morning


    God’s power is new every morning!

    This inspiring devotional, based on Dr. Trimm's best-selling book, Commanding Your Morning, gives you prayers and dynamic teaching that will empower your day. You will put meaning and purpose back into your life when you positively direct your thoughts, words, and actions toward the realization of your goals. Take command of your destiny by commanding your morning every day of the year!

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  2. Hello, Tomorrow!


    Building on the teaching in her bestselling book Commanding Your Morning, Dr. Cindy Trimm shows you how to use the power of vision to radically transform your life for accelerated growth and success.

    Hello, Tomorrow! gives step-by-step practical tools for crafting a vision, as well as life-altering declarations to activate God’s power in your life. Discover how to get from where you are today to where you have the potential to be tomorrow.

    Don’t just see your tomorrow. Provoke it!

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  3. PUSH


    Your breakthrough is only a PUSH away!

    Today’s world knows little about perseverance. This is why so few people become innovators, entrepreneurs, and world-changers. Success is bypassed, not due to a lack of opportunity, but because we don’t know how to maximize the opportunities in front of us and PUSH--persevere until success happens through prayer.

    In her encouraging and dynamic style, Dr. Cindy Trimm inspires you to go for it. It is one thing to read about the lives of great achievers—it is another thing to join their ranks.

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  4. Reclaim Your Soul


    Take back your personal power!

    Reclaim Your Soul, a follow up to Dr. Trimm's bestseller, The 40 Day Soul Fast, explores the 40 behaviors of a resilient person. Discover the interpersonal habits and behavior patterns keeping you from fulfilling your purpose. Learn to discern and transform the relationship cycles preventing you from stepping into your destiny. Systematically develop the best practices for staying on top of your game and achieving lasting success.

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  5. Reclaim Your Soul DVD Study and Leader's Guide


    A life-changing study you can do with a group, Bible study, or among friends!

    In the Reclaim Your Soul DVD curriculum, you will learn how to break free and live free from the emotional ties that can ensnare your soul—and how to incorporate the 40 behaviors of a resilient person into your life for lasting victory.

    This exciting 8-week study was recorded live and beautifully captures Dr. Trimm bringing the principles taught in the Reclaim Your Soul book to life. An easy to follow leader's guide is included with this handsomely packaged 2 DVD set.

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  6. Reclaim Your Soul Study Guide


    In this companion study guide to the Reclaim Your Soul DVD 8-lesson study, Dr. Trimm helps you develop the 40 behaviors that will empower you to prosper in all things.

    Discover how to identify destructive relationships, avoid unhealthy emotional attachments, unlock your God-given potential, and more. The Reclaim Your Soul Study Guide is designed to accompany the Reclaim Your Soul DVD curriculum

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  7. The Prosperous Soul Book & Devotional Bundle


    Prosper Your Soul!

    Begin your journey to a richer life with The Prosperous Soul book and the companion devotional 40 Days to a Prosperous Soul.

    Use both the book and interactive journal for a rich 40 day experience!

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  8. The Prosperous Soul: Your Journey to a Richer Life


    Start prospering today!

    You were created to experience prosperity on every level—from a rich spiritual and intellectual life, to a richness in your relationships and professional pursuits!

    In this third book of her four book “Soul Series,” Dr. Cindy Trimm makes it clear that the abundant life described by Jesus is available to anyone at any time. It is a matter of choosing to prosper your soul.

    As your soul prospers, every area of your life will follow suit. Why wait?

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  9. The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past


    The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past is the long awaited sequel to Dr. Trimm's groundbreaking, The Rules of Engagement. In her powerful style, Dr. Cindy Trimm identifies the spiritual setbacks we all experience and provides practical, biblically-based techniques and targeted tactics for securing your breakthrough.

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