Your Account

Your Account

The header above every a page at (our “Site”) extends an invitation for you to “Log in or register.” You have the option to register before making a purchase, or to make a purchase as a guest. Please see “How to Buy” for additional information on making a purchase.

To log in to your customer account

  1. From the header of the Site, do one of the following:
  • Click the Log in link.
  • Click the My Account link.
  1. When prompted, enter the Email Address that is associated with your account, and your Password. Then, click the Log in button.

To reset your password

  1. From the Log in page, click the Forgot Your Password link.
  2. When prompted, enter the Email Address that is associated with your account, and click the Submit button.

If the email address you entered matches the one associated with your account, you will receive a “Password Reset Confirmation” email with a link to reset your password.

  1. Click the link in the email, and when prompted, enter your New Password. Enter it again to confirm, and click the Reset a Password button.
  2. Your new password must be 7 or more characters in length without spaces, and should contain both numeric and alphabetic characters.
  3. You will be notified that the password has been updated. You can now use the new password to log in to your account.

From Your Account you can view and/or manage your:

Account Dashboard

You can access your account dashboard by clicking the “My Account” link located in the header of the store. You can use your account dashboard to view and modify information, including past and current addresses, billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wish list entries, and more.


Account Information

You can update your account information and change your password as needed.


Address Book

The address book includes the default billing and shipping address, and additional address entries.




My Orders

Displays a list of all orders, with a link to each order. Any order can be reordered by simply clicking the Reorder link.


Billing Agreements

Displays a list of any customer billing agreements.


Recurring Profiles

Displays a list of any products that are purchased on a recurring basis, such as a subscription.

Recurring Profiles are most often used for our subscription-based programs or products with installment payment plans. When such a product is purchased from our Site, you provide authorization to charge your account according to the recurring profile settings.


My Product Reviews

Displays a list of all product reviews submitted by you, with a link to each.

You can write a review for any product in our catalog. Reviews can be written from the product page by clicking the “Add Your Review” link. For products that haven't been reviewed, the link says, “Be the first to review this product.”

When a review is submitted, it is sent to the Site Administrator for moderation. When approved, the review is published on our Site.


My Wish List

Displays your product wish list. Products from the wish list can be added to the cart.


My Applications

This section is a placeholder for API applications that link your account to other applications or extensions.


Newsletter Subscriptions

Lists all available newsletters. Newsletters you are currently subscribed to have a checkmark.


My Downloadable Products

Lists all downloadable products that you have purchased, with a link to each product.